When it comes to the list of public library in Bhubaneswar Pragyant library tops the list. With its extraordinary learning environment with different varieties of books, pragnyat library contributes its best in making the best public library in Bhubaneswar. Most of the people are a member of this library, and they should always attach to it because it has many types of books and novels which give us maximum knowledge in our life. Every day here comes the new kind of books for readers. In Bhubaneswar, there has been a reputation of a good learning environment for different age group people as many research scholars and competitive exam preparation guys come to the library to gain more knowledge and spend quality time on their education. Students who come to pragnyat library are attracted to that variety of books which is in the library that gives them different knowledge on different topics. We should become the kind reader of the library. Every day the new books published here and the management of the library also helps us to choose the best books for reading.

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